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Feature Request: Competition-Oriented Timer for Freediving Training and Events
Problem: Existing freediving apps lack features specifically designed for competition training and events. Setting and tracking official top times with countdown intervals and Aida rule compliance is cumbersome. Proposed Feature: A competition-oriented timer with the following functionalities: Competition Mode: Select competition type (e.g., AIDA, CMAS) for rule-specific timing. Set official top duration (e.g., 6 minutes). Choose interval duration (e.g., 10 minutes) for additional surface breaths. Pre-Dive Countdown: 2 minutes before official top: "2 minutes to official top" announcement. 1 minute before official top: "1 minute to official top" announcement. 30 seconds before official top: "30 seconds to official top" announcement. 10-second countdown with visual and auditory cues. Official Top Timing: Display official top duration prominently. Start timer for official top attempt upon athlete's descent. Display remaining time in seconds throughout official top. Provide clear visual and auditory cues at 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 seconds remaining. Display "Official Top" at completion of official top attempt. Post-Dive Timing: Automatically start post-dive surface interval timer upon surfacing. Display surface interval duration. Provide option to manually end surface interval and start next official top attempt. Data Tracking and Analysis: Record competition session data (official top attempt duration, surface interval duration, etc.). Allow export of session data for analysis and comparison. Additional Notes: Consider integration with external devices like heart rate monitors and pulse oximeters for advanced tracking. Allow customization of audio cues and visuals for user preference. Ensure accessibility for athletes with visual or hearing impairments. Design the interface to be clear, intuitive, and easy to use under pressure. By implementing this feature, you can significantly improve the training and competition experience for freediving athletes, helping them maximize their performance and stay compliant with competition rules.
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